About Our Charcuterie

Peelham's Artisan Charcuterie


We continue to grow our charcuterie offering from our organic livestock farm and other local farms sharing our ethos. We make a wide range of products from organic beef, veal, mutton & free-ranging pigs.  Our consistency of quality and quantity have increased with the move to a purpose-built facility in our  old  stone and limestone mortar byre.  


Keeping the production process on-farm is key to Peelham’s principles of traceability and fundamental to the development of our distinctive ‘terroir’. We use our own recipes and bespoke cure. The essential fermenting bacteria and mould comes naturally with the airflow from our organic (pesticide & herbicide free) farm.  

Air-dried Meats


Once cured, we hang all our whole muscles in our 200 year old, deep-walled stone and lime-mortar barn. Usually, they take about 3-4 months to cure, however, because it’s a natural environment, sometimes it might take a bit longer depending on the weather conditions. This all adds uniqueness to our own Peelham ‘Terroir’ ! 

Our Signature Product is our Air-dried Smoked Mutton ‘Prosciutto’!

This modern celtic-scandic charcuterie (so described by Food Writer Cate Devine), was inspired by Scotland’s native reestit-mutton charcuterie from the Outer Hebrides and also a visit to San Daniele – Italy’s centre of Prosciutto curing.

Unique to Peelham, we naturally air-dry using only sea-salt and Juniper for up to seven months and then mildly smoke with oak in our own on-farm smokery.  This makes a delicately flavoured mutton-prosciutto which goes exquisitely well with a peaty dram and Ewes Milk Cheese. It has a genuine Scottish Terroir!

Peter McKenna owner and chef of Glasgow’s The Gannet Restaurant and 2020 Chef of the Year describes it “Peelham’s Air-dried mutton is an incredibly unique product that gives you a real sense of Scottish terroir”

Michelin Star Chef Geoff Smeddle judged it as ‘Exceptional’ when it won the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award for Meat in 2017.

Rich, mature, mellow with a distinct and lingering taste most gastronomically promising product of the day were the judges description at the 2014 Soil Association Dragons Den where it was given the BEST TASTE AWARD of the event.

Smoked Mutton



For salamis, we use our own bespoke sea-salt based, low-nitrite cure free of starter-cultures, flavour enhancers, cure accelerators, pre-mixes.  All these products are gluten and lactose-free. All recipes we mix fresh from individual herbs and spices for each weekly batch to maintain quality of flavour and to guarantee traceability and provenance. 


For Trade Enquiries

Our products are available to business customers either in their standard retail packaging, suitable for re-sale in your shop, or in larger packs designed for the hospitality sector.

Our products are ambient stable, meaning they do not require refrigeration, making them easy to display in your shop.

Give us a call on 01890 781 328 or email us at info@peelham.co.uk to discuss how we might supply you with our range of artisan charcuterie.