Free-range Pork Salami with Red Wine


Our award winning Red Wine Salami is a delicious, classic salami with a delicate hint of nutmeg and garlic. It makes a good starter for a dinner menu, or a discrete nibble with an aperitif !

We make it here at Peelham from local, free-range, outdoor, high welfare pork (using the quality fillet, loin and leg cuts only !).

Sampling it on his last visit to Edinburgh, Slow Food Founder Carlo Petrini described it as “Salami Fantastico”.


Ingredients: Free-range *Pork (70%), Free-range *Pork fat (20%), *Curing Salt (*sea-salt, E250 Sodium Nitrite), Red Wine (contains Sulphites), Garlic, Herbs & Spices. *Natural beef sausage casing. *Non-organic.

***With ageing, a natural mould will develop.


Weight: Buy it as a whole 180g salami or sliced in 50g/pack


To produce our handmade salamis, we use our own bespoke sea-salt based, low-nitrite cure free of nitrates, starter cultures, flavour enhancers, cure accelerators, pre-mixes and sugar.
*We use the lowest amount of nitrite possible in our salami recipes, aside of our droewors and air-dried meats. Those they are made using only sea-salt and spices.