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Organic Pasture-for-Life Beef Rib Steak


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Organic, pasture-for-life beef rib steak from our grain-free Aberdeen Angus Cattle is a delicious, nutritious and easy treat ! Simply grill, add a sprinkle of salt and crack some fresh peppercorns once the beef steak has come to the perfect sizzling temperature.

250g Steaks

Did you know that Organic and Pasture-for-Life beef is proven to be more nutrient dense than conventional fed Beef (ie part grain and part-grass fed) and an important source of Omega 3.  Here is a link to the proof ! (And our beef was used in the trials) https://reader.elsevier.com/reader/sd/pii/S2666833521000022?token=3528878D8B2744061CB0800EB8F9C556E2EA2AF94E498C0F5B6B7DBE2BFC42DE57C7E9FABE793C1BCA2818E3BBDF9C95