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Organic Pasture-for-Life Beef Liver


Our organic beef liver comes from our pasture-for-life Aberdeen Angus cattle. We supply it fresh and pre-frozen. Fresh offal is available ap every two weeks when we send cattle to the abattoir. In the interim  it is available frozen. We freeze the offal soon after we receive it. Freezing offal does not affect its nutritional content nor its quality.

Please note that due to the demand for our beef liver we are currently having to limit stocks to two packs per order.

Our beef liver is supplied unsliced in 300g packs.

DID YOU KNOW: Meat from 100% pasture-fed organic grasslands (like ours), is proven to be significantly more nutritious than meat from main-stream systems and qualifies as a source of Omega-3 ( Univ Newcastle research 2021; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fufo.2021.100012 )