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Organic Beef Shin Rolled Joint


Another slow pot-roast favorite of ours from our organic pasture-for-life Aberdeen Angus herd here at Peelham.

We choose to do this as a rolled joint to give you the best value after the long slow and low pot-roast that this lovely piece of meat needs. Its from the hard working muscles of the fore shank and full of connective tissue which can be tough if not slow cooked. Your patience will be rewarded with a delicous comforting gelatinous roast and gravy – full of healthy collagen too ! If you have a large enough pot throw in a few peeled and quartered spuds for the last hour !


Weight: 1kg or 1.5kg


Organic and Pasture-for-Life beef (like ours) is proven to be more nutrient dense than conventional fed Beef (ie part grain and part-grass fed) and an important source of Omega 3.

Here is a link to the proof: https://www.nibio.no/en/projects/suscatt/work-package-5/_/attachment/inline/45ec8925-646d-4b53-aa08-3cfef5857de4:0a8745184a90a92daa932d30185a225d5891ae2e/Suscat_tn_242.pdf

*Our beef was used in the trials