Organic Pasture-for-Life Beef Rump joint


Beef that is organic and pasture-for-life certified from Peelham Farm’s herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle is meat with environment and welfare in mind and in heart.

Roasting is the way to go when the meat is as scrumptious as this organic beef rump joint. Bake with salt, cracked pepper, thyme and a lump of butter – about 1.5 hours cooking time for 1.5 kg joint. Let the beef rest 20 minutes before serving!


Weight: 1kg or 1.5kg


Organic and Pasture-for-Life beef (like ours) is proven to be more nutrient dense than conventional fed Beef (ie part grain and part-grass fed) and an important source of Omega 3.

Here is a link to the proof:

*Our beef was used in the trials