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Organic Beef Escalopes (Minute Steaks)


Peelham’s Pasture-for-Life & Organic beef escalopes (or minute steaks), from their grass-relishing Aberdeen Angus herd are perfect for that quick-to-fix meal or stir-fry. They are also wonderful added to a nourishing salad. Coming thinly sliced, these organic beef escalopes will be on the dinner table in minutes.


Weight: 300g

Did you know that Organic and Pasture-for-Life beef (like ours), is proven to be more nutrient dense than conventional fed Beef (ie part grain and part-grass fed) and an important source of Omega 3.  Here is a link to the proof ! (And our beef was used in the trials). Nutritious as well as delicious ! https://www.nibio.no/en/projects/suscatt/work-package-5/_/attachment/inline/45ec8925-646d-4b53-aa08-3cfef5857de4:0a8745184a90a92daa932d30185a225d5891ae2e/Suscat_tn_242.pdf