Free-range Pork Chorizo


Our Chorizo is packed full of smoked paprika and with a little ‘kick’ and is fantastic as a ready-to-eat lunchtime snack. A perfect ingredient to bring some flavour and vitality to your working lunch, or added to a warming soup (for which we have specially prepared chorizo pieces and good value they are too !). Our chorizo is also lactose and gluten free.  Made from local, free-ranging, outdoor, high welfare pigs.


Ingredients: Free-range *Pork (70%), Free-range *Pork fat (20%), *Curing Salt (*sea-salt, E250 Sodium Nitrite), Red Wine (contains Sulphites), Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Chilli, Garlic, Herbs & Spices. *Natural beef sausage casing. *Non-organic.

***With ageing, a natural mould will develop.

Weight: Buy it whole (ap 150g) as a sliced 50g pack or as pieces for soups (300g)

To produce our handmade salamis, we use our own bespoke sea-salt based, low-nitrite cure free of nitrates, starter cultures, flavour enhancers, cure accelerators, pre-mixes and sugar.
*We use the lowest amount of nitrite possible in our salami recipes, aside of our droewors and air-dried meats. Those they are made using only sea-salt and spices.