Making a  donation to the Cyrenians ?

Your kind donation will be delivered to their food depot in Leith (Edinburgh).

You do not need to make a supplementary order but the donation on its own will need to be in excess of £35.00 (the minimum for an online purchase).

This is feed back from one of the users of their ‘Food Pantrys’:

“Having the home made frozen meals is so lovely. Of course, they taste good. They’re nutritious. But more than this, I know that they have been made with care, and given with kindness.  Eating them actually makes me feel
…makes me feel loved! I know that sounds cheesey, but it does make me feel  good, that I matter, and that good people do care for me.
That last bit sounds so OTT, but it’s true, I love my Pantry dindins! It makes me feel someone’s looking after me “

“Everyone has the right to dignified access to good food”.  

So proclaim The Cyrenians homelessness charity and this is where you, with us come in ! Donate from the dedicated ‘Cyrenian’ products (which we have discounted 15%), and we will deliver direct to them in Edinburgh. Your purchase will help homeless individuals and families in Edinburgh.

Cyrenians is a Scottish registered charity SC011052 whose aim is to tackle the causes and consequences of homelessness.

Working with homelessness charities in this way is a UK initiative promoted by The Pasture for Life Association and LUSH (Linking Up Suppliers and Hubs), to improve access direct from livestock farms to good quality, nutrient dense meat by the most vulnerable in our society.