Organic Pasture-for-Life Veal Marrow Bones


Organic veal marrow bone broth is an excellent source of minerals. It cooks quicker than beef bones. We cut them by-hand into ap 4-6″ pieces to fit into most medium sized stock pots.


Weight: 2kg

Please be aware our bones are sometimes pre-frozen  by us to manage stock.  Bones that have been pre-frozen state on the lable ‘Do not re-freeze’.



Gently simmer the bones for 24 hours to create a highly nutritious soup base.  Once cooked cool them and remove all the marrow, meat and cartiledge from the bones and include these into your stock. Refrigerate your stock to form a delicious jelly. You can roast the bones before you simmer them for a nuttier flavour.  When your stock has solidified there will be a layer of fat from the marrow at the top.  Do not discard this as it has come from the marrow and is highly nutritious.  Include in your stock or use it as dripping and for frying.

Please note: Our carriage charge covers total weights upto and including 20kgs. Any order that exceeds this will incur the current weight surcharge.

Our Veal comes from 7 – 10 month old calves which are not separated from their mothers at birth but stay with them and the rest of the herd until natural weaning begins to take place. They are never fed grain! Find out more about our Produce Provenance here: